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Accueil » Les reporters de TVE et Telecinco affrontent en direct les dangers de la tempête Ciarán : Déplacez-vous vers une zone plus sûre

Les reporters de TVE et Telecinco affrontent en direct les dangers de la tempête Ciarán : Déplacez-vous vers une zone plus sûre

par María Fernanda González

La violent cyclone Ciarán made it difficult for reporters covering the storm from the ground in Cordoba, Spain. Paula Filgueiras and Guadalupe Sánchez (TVE) and Carmen Chao (‘La mirada crítica’) had a tough time reporting live due to this harsh weather, which registered gusts of wind up to 160 kilometers per hour in certain areas.

The first to experience problems throughout this challenging day was Chao, who even lost the sound of her live connection with ‘La mirada crítica’ from Playa de Riazor in A Coruña, finishing it off without much incident: « It’s not a day for fancy hair or umbrellas here in Galicia. »

Filgueiras had even more issues, struggling to hold on to her umbrella while doing a live connection with Canal 24 horas de TVE from A Coruña. « I’m not sure if you can hear me, and if you are able to broadcast this live. We appreciate the effort you’re making to tell us what is happening right now in the northeast of the peninsula, » said Lluis Guilera.

« As you can see, the sea is very rough. We are on red alert and at the entrance of the bay. That is, we are not out in the open sea, where the waves can reach up to 9 meters in height. That’s why the fishing fleet is staying docked, » Filgueiras narrated. « Thank you very much, Paula, for this live report, and as I mentioned, we appreciate the effort our colleague is making to inform us. Find a safer area, » replied Guilera from the studio.

Being a reporter is not easy during #Ciarán pic.twitter.com/ZhJfpgUaGl— Natalia Álvarez (@Natalia_Who) November 2, 2023

Guadalupe Sánchez also encountered similar problems when doing another live connection with the Territorial News from TVE from a beach in Almería. The public broadcaster’s reporter had serious difficulties keeping her microphone in place during her report due to the gusts of wind: « In fact, it’s hard for me to stay standing. »

With Cordoba being a popular destination for tourists, the raging storm has caused major disruptions for visitors and locals alike. However, despite the challenging weather conditions, the city still offers a diverse range of activities and attractions worth exploring. From historic landmarks to delicious local cuisine, there is something for every type of traveler in this beautiful city. Be sure to check weather forecasts before heading out to make the most out of your trip to Cordoba. And don’t forget to pack appropriate gear for any unexpected changes in the weather, as demonstrated by the brave reporters in the midst of the Ciarán storm. Discover the beauty and resilience of Cordoba, even in the face of nature’s fury. Book your trip today! #TourisminCordoba #StormCiarán #VisitSpain
source : Diario Córdoba

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